Friday, 8 August 2014

Review: Guerlain Meteorites

Hello everyone! So I thought I'd post my first ever make-up review today. I love beauty products and have an addiction to buying make-up so let me know if you guys like this post and I'll make sure to do some more beauty reviews in the future. Enjoy :)

About the product

This is actually the first and only product I have ever bought from Guerlain and I'm so glad that I purchased it! These beautiful illuminating pearls are by far the most luxurious make-up item I own. I have the shade '02 - Clair' which is the lightest shade but they also do medium and dark shades for different skin tones. Guerlain describe this product as an 'illuminating powder' which you can use all over to set your makeup or as a very subtle highlight. I have quite oily skin and I find that I do have to re-apply my powder after a couple of hours if I use it to set my base so I often just use it as a highlight but if you have normal or dry skin I'm sure this would look lovely as an all over face powder. I would recommend you use this if you ever feel your makeup looks flat or your face looks lifeless because it instantly refreshes your complexion and adds a certain amount of dew to the skin, giving it a natural glow and radiance.

Texture and Smell

The texture of this powder is really fine and it goes on to the skin so smoothly, everything about it says high end! The smell! Where do I start? Oh my gosh! This is THE best smelling make-up product I have ever come across. I'm usually awful at describing smells but these candy looking pearls smell exactly like parma violet sweets which is probably half the reason why I love them. I know that people with sensitive skin are often scared to use scented products on their face but I have very sensitive, spot prone skin and this product has never caused me to have any adverse reactions. If, however, you just don't like having scented face products in general then this isn't one to go for because the scent does linger, which I love because I think the smell is addictive, but I know that it's not for everyone.


As expected of a Guerlain product, the only downside to this is the price. It's definitely something to treat yourself to or to buy as a special gift for someone; this isn't any normal drug store powder but I do think that when it comes to make-up, you get what you pay for!


My favourite thing about these pearls, other than the smell, is the packaging. It's so glamorous and makes me feel like a Hollywood movie star when I get it out of my vanity table; this is definitely one to put on display and if you finish using the product, the tin would be great to keep little trinkets or bobby pins in. Maybe this is just me but I'm totally won over by sophisticated looking make-up packaging.

Let me know if you have any other Guerlain product recommendations for me. Tam x