Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review: DiorShow Fusion Mono, Long-Wear Professional Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow

Hello everyone! I'm back from holiday now so I'll be putting up a few more blog posts soon, including a couple of Style Edits, so look out for those! I thought I'd start off by sharing another beauty review though, this is another high end product, the Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow, if you'd like me to do a few drug store make-up reviews then let me know. Enjoy :)

About the product

This is officially my new favourite eyeshadow for an evening look. The shade I have is '381 - Millenium' which is a beautiful grey/black shade with delicate gold glitter. Don't be put off by the word glitter though, it's not the cheap-looking chunky glitter that you'd expect from a Barry M product, this is so finely milled that it creates more of a subtle, shimmer effect. (My pictures definitely don't do this justice). However, this is also available in a matte finish if you prefer matte shadows. I love this product for so many reasons. Firstly, I often find with creamy, pot eyeshadows that they crease after a few hours and end up looking awful; this even happens with my MAC shadow pots! However, this Dior shadow stays in place, doesn't crease and doesn't smudge. I also love this product because my favourite eye look is a smokey eye but I often find that creating a smokey eye takes a lot of time and effort, believe it or not this creates a smokey eye without needing any other products, it's a one pot wonder! For a soft smokey eye, I simply apply it with my finger tip and then smudge the outside with a MAC 217 brush. If you want a more intense look simply wet the applicator that comes in the box and apply to get a really deep, dark lamé effect.


Dior describe this as a 'gel-foam' texture. It's definitely not a typical powdery texture; it feels so buttery soft when you apply it with your fingers. If you have used either the Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo or any of the MAC cream colour bases, the Dior shadow is not as wet as these formulas and I think that's why it doesn't crease.


As this is a high end product, it does have a high end price tag. However, this is probably going to be the only eyeshadow I use for a night out make-up look now so I'll definitely get my money's worth. This may just be me trying to justify my purchases but I'm of the opinion that it's far better to splurge on one item that will last than to buy loads of poor quality shadows that will only last a few hours and end up smudging down your face.


Well done Dior! This packaging is absolutely beautiful, everything about the product says luxury. For starters, the pot is made of glass which may seem inconsequential but it honestly makes such a difference and the shimmery, midnight blue lid had the famous Christian Dior logo in metallic lettering which looks so sophisticated. I also love the fact that it comes with its own applicator, which is great quality by the way, it's not very often that I will actually use the applicator that comes with the product because they are usually cheap and awful. Its little details like this that you are paying for and which make it stand out from a drug store shadow.

Do you have any other pot eyeshadow recommendations for me? Leave me a comment to let me know your favourites :)