Sunday, 28 December 2014

10 Best Beauty Buys Under 10 Pounds

Hello everyone! As I’ve done quite a few high-end product reviews, I thought I’d so something different and share with you my favourite inexpensive beauty products from the high street. Enjoy :)

1.       Ardell ‘Demi Wispies’ Eyelashes - £5.49

Before I found these lashes I always thought that false lashes looked strange on me and obviously fake, I’m not one for the Only Way Is Essex look and really wanted some lashes that looked natural but longer and fuller than my own. These lashes are now an absolute staple in my makeup bag and I never use any other brand. I urge you to try these out, they’re so feathery looking and feminine. I would choose these over MAC eyelashes any day.

2.       Sleek ‘Arabian Nights' Eyeshadow Palette - £7.99

I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette! The colours are so vivid and long lasting and there’s a great range of shades (It's limited edition though so don't hang around if you want to purchase one). Sleek have so many different palettes so if this one isn’t for you try out one of their more neutral palettes.

3.       Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara - £7.99

I have to say that my favourite mascara of all time is the Benefit They’re Real Mascara but I am a student with a student budget so when I can’t afford to fork out £20 for a mascara, this is always the one I reach for. I think the reason this mascara is so amazing is the shape of the brush, it’s has a curved shape ‘spoon’ brush so I find it actually curls your lashes upwards as you apply it.

4.       Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette - £9.99

My favourite part of applying makeup is probably contouring, it makes you look so much healthier and glowing, but you don’t have to pay a fortune to get great results. This is the second sleek product on my list and they are definitely one of my favourite brands for affordable beauty so make sure you check them out if you haven’t already. I have the shade ‘light’, because I’m basically one shade away from being an Albino but they also do a medium and dark shade so it’s perfect for all skin tones.

5.       Natural Collection Clear Mascara - £1.99

In my opinion, there are some products that you shouldn’t skimp on, I always pay more for foundation, for example, because I find it so difficult to find a colour match with high street brands. However, brow gel is not one of those products, there is really no need to buy expensive brow setting gels when this clear mascara by Natural Collection does the same thing – it’s perfect if you want to set your brows without any colour pay off.

6.       W7 ‘In The Nude’ Eyeshadow Palette - £4.51

If, like me, are desperate to own one or all of the Naked palettes by Urban Decay, but can’t afford to spend £30 on eyeshadows then look no further. This is the closest dupe I have found to the Naked palettes, and granted, the colours are obviously not as pigmented and don’t last as long as the Urban Decay shades, but for the price, it’s not bad. 

7.       L’oreal Super Liner - £6.49

I’ve actually spoken about this product already in my ‘Liebster Award’ blog post, so I’ll try not to talk too much about this one. This liner is an essential in my makeup bag, I can do a winged eyeliner in about 2 minutes which has made such a difference to my makeup routine. If you haven't tried it already I would definitely recommend you give it a go!

8.       Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick - £5.49

These lipsticks are by far my favourite available on the highstreet, they have a satin finish and last all day! This one is in the shade 08 which is a brown toned pink, very on trend with the 90s lip made popular by Kylie Jenner. If you like to use lip liner under your lipstick, Rimmel do have an excellent collection, if you’re trying to replicate the Kylie Jenner look try ‘East End Snob’.

9.       Bourjois Healthy Balance 10 hour Matt Finish Powder - £8.99

I’ve honestly repurchased this powder about 10 times, of all the face powders I’ve tried this one lasts the longest without needing a touch up and it’s got excellent coverage. If I’m having a particularly good skin day I can skip foundation and go straight to concealer and powder because the coverage is quite full. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for someone with dry skin but if you have oily skin with imperfections then you should definitely try it out!

10.       Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19

If you haven’t heard about this concealer then where have you been, this is a blogging and youtuber favourite and has grown in popularity recently! This concealer is an absolute lifesaver, it’s the only cover up I’ve ever found that is an exact colour match, lasts all day and covers anything and everything from under eye shadows to spots and scars. I have a lot of expensive concealers by brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown but I always reach for this Collection one. Just goes to show that price doesn’t necessarily mean quality!

I hope this post was useful, if you're interested in buying any of the products simply click on the product name. Let me know in the comments what your favourite inexpensive beauty buys are.
Tam x